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 Our 3K & Afterschool program

Our programs are designed for three-year-olds to easily reach their minds and hone their skills while learning with us. Jump For Success Corp provides free services as an option to get a sense of our teaching first.


Jump For Success Corp is your best choice when it comes to child care. Young minds need to start learning as soon as they can, which will benefit them later on in life. It will allow them to discover and sharpen their skills and strive for their dreams.


​Free 3k Program (8am - 2:20pm)

Paid After-School Program (2:45pm -5:45pm)


We ensure that children get healthy meals.

Our program follows nutritional guidelines to support students with healthy (but tasty) food throughout the day!

Allow us to keep children interested.

Every two weeks we introduce a theme or a topic that helps us build vocabulary, choose different activities, and support learning.

Keeping parents informed is an important part of our work.

Not only will we chat with you at the end of the day about what we did, but as part of using teaching strategies we will also send home weekly reports for parents who would like them and do sit-down parent/teacher conferences at certain times throughout the year.

Our 3K & Afterschool Location

We are located in a welcoming, warm apartment in the Hunts Point neighborhood of the Bronx. Children will have some outdoor time every day at a local park or playground. Connecting with nature lets children gain a deeper knowledge of themselves and the world.

667 Casanova ST
Bronx, NY



Mondays - Fridays (OPEN)

Saturdays - Sundays (CLOSE)

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